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For over 9 years For Dogs' Sake! is Australia's & Sydney's top dog in day care.

General Information
To give you a little background on For Dogs Sake, we are now into our 6th year of dog daycare, training & grooming.

We provide a fully qualified team to provide a safe, fun & happy environment for all dogs in our care. Our floor is cushioned to protect from injury & impact during the day. Our premises have huge windows, you can see right through & we are fully air-conditioned.
We also have a large car park located in Chippen St. Additionally our Pet Taxi Service will be coming soon.

We can assess on the first day if you like. We do ask that on your first day that you try to arrive early between 7am & 8am as arriving later can be a little unsettling for your dog to walk in on a pack that has known each other for some time. This way they will be one of the first in the pack making a new transition & environment, a smooth & positive experience for your dog.

Please remember to bring a copy of dogs current C5 vaccination certificate on your first day.

As always when your dog is at For Dogs' Sake daycare we still include outdoor walks per day, mini training sessions, agility games, along with all the care, love, attention, exercise, stimulation & socialisation they need & love.
This is all inclusive

Click here for pricing.

Why dog day care?

Put yourself in your dog's paws. You maybe get a brief walk in the morning, a quick pat on the head and then are left home alone for hours and hours on end with nothing to do and no one to see. You'd probably get so lonely and bored, you'd start to chew things through boredom...or try to dig your way out of solitary confinement...become aggressive and territorial...or start to bark yourself silly.

On the other paw, if your master sent you to dog day care - especially a brilliantly interactive dog day care centre like For Dogs' Sake! Sydney - you'd have other dogs and humans to play with, and so many exciting things to see and do, there just wouldn't be enough hours in the day.


  • All dogs to be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age if attending daycare and provide proof of current C5 or above vaccination.
  • Be on a regular flea & worming program/treatment
  • Have & pass a temperament assessment by one of our qualified behaviouralists & or trainer before being accepted into the daycare.
  • We ask that if your dog has been sick we ask that we are informed & that your dog stays home depending on the condition for a minimum of 3 - 5 days to prevent risk to other dogs should the illness be contagious.
  • For Dogs' Sake! reserve's the right to refuse, expel or ban any dog who displays any form of aggression to human or dog at any time they are at day care.

To book an assessment & private tour of our facilities please click here.

Why For Dogs' Sake!?

We know for a fact there is no better day care for dogs, because we built For Dogs' Sake! from scratch. We hand-picked the perfect team of canine professionals who we knew would bring everything a dog could possibly need to the table, including qualified groomers, trainers and animal health care experts.

We then set about making For Dogs' Sake! the most dog-friendly day care centre in Sydney with all mod-cons such as air-con, full height windows, cushioned floors, and a colourful mural created by Mambo legend, David McKay as an ideal backdrop to the day's activities.

Our Play-area's

Our five huge play-areas are what makes For Dogs' Sake! a breed apart. Rather than put all dogs in together and hope for the best, our trainers carefully screen and categorize each dog on age, size, fitness and temperament. This ensures that all dogs can be handled and cared for at the same time, with everyone enjoying themselves at their own pace.

Depending on your dog's needs, they can enjoy playtime in the large open "Active Dogs Area" or the "Small Dogs Area" for smaller breeds and puppies or just the more sensitive. And of course, if a little quiet time is needed, your dog can relax and unwind in the "Chill Out Area" watching some TV on the super-comfy daybed.

Cleanliness is next to dogliness

We know how vital it is to maintain a clean house, one that doesn't resemble a mad dog's breakfast.

However unlike some other dog daycare centres, that only use cheap bleach or similar cleaning/ disinfecting products that can burn your dog's paws over time and cause respiratory problems, For Dogs' Sake! uses only special cleaning products to help prevent kennel cough and other contagious canine viruses.