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Home - It's a dog's life for the dogs who don't go to For Dogs' Sake for dog day care!

For Dogs' Sake! Sydney is continuing to offering your special friend and best mate the very best in dog daycare. So don't delay and book your best mate into Sydney's best!

Unlike cats (who enjoy having the house to themselves) dogs are a pack animal. They crave company and hate being alone. They love being active, fulfilled and the centre of attention and that's why they positively adore For Dogs' Sake!

In fact the only thing your dog would like more about For Dogs' Sake! is if you came here with them. Unfortunately you can't - you're probably working like a dog yourself - so if you really care about them, send them to For Dogs' Sake! They'll love you for it and so will your wallet!

Bookings are essential so take advantage and call us now on 02 9690 0361 / 9690 0330 or email us at

Cesar Millan - Dog Training Expert - The Millan Foundation

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Stop your dog pulling! Lead work 1 & 2 courses for 3 weeks on Wednesdays 7.15pm or Saturdays at either 10am or 11am. Book now total cost $140

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Enroll your best mate for Puppy Pre-School starting soon at FDS - see our Training Page for more info

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